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October 13, 2021 / Press

Blake Rummel Quoted in Wealth Management Article on NYC Socialite’s Alleged Home Imprisonment By Daughter

Blake Rummel was recently quoted in a Wealth Management article, “NYC Socialite Allegedly Being Imprisoned in Own Home by Daughter,” which dissects a new lawsuit claiming that NYC heiress and socialite Christophe de Menil is being held in her home against her will by her daughter, Taya Thurman, half-sister of actress Uma Thurman. The suit was filed by Alina Morini, who claims to have been de Menil’s best friend for many years, and is supported with documents and claims from an additional close friend of the heiress. In the article, author Anna Sulkin examines whether claims made in the lawsuit suggest that de Menil could be falling victim to elder abuse and undue influence. 

According to Blake, “it’s often those closest to a victim, such as family members or caretakers, who are likely to have the most influence and be the perpetrators of such abuse.” She provides her opinion on how the case will play out in court, noting that, “also of importance would be the validity of any of the estate planning changes de Menil might have made,” and “as the updates to her will were made during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, questions may arise as to whether New York’s remote witness or notary requirements were followed.”

Read the full article here.

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