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August 1, 2023 / Newsletters

Insight on Estate Planning, August/September 2023

Weinstock Manion is pleased to present the August/September 2023 issue of Insight on Estate Planning, our bi-monthly newsletter. We encourage you to read it for ways to implement your estate plan more effectively, including ways to minimize taxes on your estate so as to maximize its value for your loved ones. We realize that we cannot fully address these complex issues in a few short articles, so we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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In this issue:

Dynasty Trust
Create A Trust That Can Span The Ages
For those who want to arrange for a long-lasting transfer of wealth through multiple generations, consider using a dynasty trust. Not only can such a trust avoid tax, it may provide various other benefits and protections for families for an extended period of time, even forever. This article details the estate tax implications of a dynasty trust. A sidebar answers frequently asked question regarding the use of a dynasty trust.
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Overlooking Foreign Assets Can Be Detrimental To An Estate Plan
It’s critical to disclose all assets in one’s estate plan, including, importantly, any foreign assets. Often, people assume that foreign assets aren’t relevant to their “U.S.” estate plans, so they’re not worth mentioning. That’s not the case. This article provides the answers to several questions regarding accounting for foreign assets in an estate plan.
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