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November 13, 2023 / Press

Jonathan Forster Speaks to People Magazine About Matthew Perry’s Estate

Jonathan Forster was recently sought out by People Magazine for insight into the estate of late actor Matthew Perry, who passed away in October of 2023. The article “What Happens to Matthew Perry’s Estate, Including His Friends Residuals? Legal Experts Explain (Exclusive),” dives into the potential division of the famous actor’s assets, including residuals from the ongoing streaming of Perry’s hit sitcom “Friends.”

Jonathan tells People, “The guild and the unions allow you to list a beneficiary. It’s not the most common route, but that is certainly a route.” He continues to explain, “So he could have listed specific beneficiaries of his residuals with the union industry and actors guild, the different guilds, that’s one option.”

While it is still unknown whether Perry had a will or trust at the time of his passing, Jonathan speculates, “The more likely route is that he did a trust. A trust is not public record and we would not discover who the ultimate beneficiaries are, but the trust would lay out who would be entitled to all of his assets, which would include his residuals.”

Read the full article in People.

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