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November 9, 2023 / Press

Neil Solarz Joins Scripps News to Discuss Upcoming Auction of Celebrity Estate Memorabilia

Neil Solarz recently appeared as a guest on Scripps News in a segment describing an upcoming celebrity estate memorabilia. The auction, held by Propstore, includes items such as John Lennon’s belt buckle, Amy Winehouse’s wig, and guitars autographed by the likes of Aerosmith and Eric Clapton.

Regarding the interest and investment potential of such high-profile memorabilia, Neil shares, “It’s not like buying IBM or Apple. This is discretionary income, I would think, for almost everybody.”

The Scripps segment mentions Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts and noted collector of five hundred musical instruments played by famous musicians. His collection has an estimated value of $1.15 billion.

“What’s going to drive that for most people would be ‘This is a unique asset, it’s always going to have value,'” Neil tells Scripps. “If you’re going to be paying $150,000 for a Gibson Les Paul guitar that was once played by John Lennon, that’s an investment, right? You’re not going to be plugging that thing in and playing it. You’re going to be keeping that, and it will likely appreciate in value.”

Watch the segment and read the full article here.

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