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May 11, 2023 / Press

Robert Strauss Quoted in Business Insider Article About Estate Planning Strategies

Robert Strauss was recently quoted in Business Insider’s article “Five ways the rich save big on estate taxes, from putting houses in trusts to buying offshore life insurance,” which highlights strategies such as utilizing trusts, charitable donations, loans, and life insurance policies in various ways to minimize tax implications. The article explains how some of these strategies were strengthened as a result of Trump’s tax cuts, which will cease at the end of 2025 unless extended through legislation.

Notably, only the wealthiest .2 percent of Americans are affected by the nearly $13 million dollar cap on assets that can be handed down tax-free under current federal laws. “This is a wealthy person’s playground problem,” shares Rob. He provided further insight into the federal estate tax laws and how to efficiently structure wealth transfers in a Business Insider article that ran in 2022.

Read the full article here.

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