Estate and Trust Litigation

Legal disputes of any type are stressful. Estate and trust disputes often are complicated by grief, confusion and other strong emotions, adversely affecting the parties’ ability to achieve resolution. For over 60 years, Weinstock Manion’s litigators have been representing both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in estate and trust disputes. We are very sensitive to the issues facing the parties, and the fact that family members often do not agree, particularly when substantial estates are involved.

Comprehensive Representation

As a result of our comprehensive estate planning practice, our litigators have immediate access to a team of attorneys that is deeply skilled in virtually every aspect of estate and business succession planning, estate taxation, administration, probate, guardianships and more. We strive to obtain the maximum benefits for estate and trust beneficiaries. We also assist our clients in complying with their obligations as fiduciaries. On every matter, we are committed to providing compassionate, high-quality legal counsel, listening carefully to our clients in order to understand their goals and concerns. We achieve success through a variety of methods, both in and out of the courtroom and including mediation and arbitration. In many cases, we simply facilitate better communication between the parties to attain resolution.

We are particularly skilled at handling claims for breach of fiduciary duty, beneficiary disputes, disputes regarding the validity of wills and trusts, undue influence, and all aspects of conservatorships and guardianships.

Knowledge Sharing

Our firm’s culture is shaped by our passion to share knowledge, both internally and with other professionals and clients. We frequently make presentations on estate and trust litigation issues to lawyers, accountants, wealth advisors, bankers and other trusted advisors. We conduct training and CLE seminars for members of the Probate Volunteer Panel (PVP), a panel of attorneys appointed to represent those who are unable to hire counsel, and we also are members of the panel. Through our involvement with the PVP and other teaching experiences, we better understand the court system, remain current with the latest strategies and trends in litigation, and constantly improve our ability to communicate clearly with our clients.

Weinstock Manion is at the forefront of estate and trust litigation and estate and trust administration services. We serve as trusted legal counsel, providing clients with empathy, comfort and mentorship. We believe in resolving conflicts and disputes as amicably as possible given each client’s personal situation. Contact us through our website, or by phone at (310) 553-8844.

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