Estate Planning

Weinstock Manion is synonymous with personalized, quality estate planning services. For over 60 years, our experienced attorneys have focused on the estate planning and wealth transfer needs of moderate to high net worth individuals, business owners, real estate investors and their families. Clients concerned about their legacies and wealth preservation choose our firm because of our compassionate and exceptional service. We often end up representing families across several generations as a result of the close relationships we develop, and the quality of our work.

One Goal: An Estate Plan That Fits

We respect the unique concerns and needs of each and every client, regardless of circumstances or complexity. Whether clients have a clear sense of their goals or are just beginning to assess their plans for the future, we apply our comprehensive knowledge of the law and estate planning tools to craft custom plans that address personal needs. We take great pride in ensuring that each estate plan reflects the client’s goals and values, with an eye toward ensuring family harmony, minimizing tax burdens, and securing a legacy for generations to come.

Teachers and Innovators

At Weinstock Manion, we are as passionate about teaching others about estate planning as we are about practicing law. Our attorneys have taught estate planning courses to a wide range of audiences at UCLA Extension since 1963. We also regularly lecture at major tax and estate planning institutes, such as the USC Tax Institute, the New York University Institute on Federal Taxation, the UCLA-CEB Estate Planning Institute and the USC Probate and Trust Conference. As a result of teaching to these varied audiences, we hone our skills at communicating technical issues, clearly and concisely, to students and clients alike.

As successful instructors, we are perennial students. We apply the knowledge we gain from our ongoing analysis of the law to develop creative strategies and techniques for our clients. This relationship between our roles as teachers and advisors is a beneficial by-product of a core value shared by the attorneys of our firm – to give back to the community. The collaborative nature of our firm ensures that each of us has access to the collective knowledge and experience of our colleagues, benefitting both our clients and students.

Weinstock Manion is a leader in estate planning services, providing high caliber estate planning services with a high degree of care and empathy. Contact us through our website, or by phone at (310) 553-8844.

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